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Saturday, October 22, 2005

David Lynch Presents: Opera Tango Show

Yesterday evening we went to see one of the strangest things I think I have experienced so far - the world’s oddest Tango show.

We were looking for an affordable show and, after wandering through the city and finding either full or horrendously expensive places, we landed in a place called Opera Show - a tango show featuring a dancing couple, a male tango singer and a female tango singer, an opera singer and a ’surprise guest’. Now this sounds fairly innocuous, although the opera singer and the surprise guest should really have ticked us off - this was a show that David Lynch would have been proud of.

When we got in, we realised only three other tables were taken. The decor featured a felt curtain, a chair and a coat hanger - the first act we saw were the tango dancers, the male lead bearing an uncanny resemblance to my gay driving teacher (minus green-rimmed glasses), thereby taking a lot of the conviction out of the steamy male-female interaction key to tango. The male and female tango singers were also not very good; the opera singer, completely out of place in a tango show, looked like he had been airlifted directly out of his native Bavaria without even being given the time to shave off his moustache, and had the bad luck of having a mouth that made him look like a surprised fish. But the real star attraction was the ’surprise guest’ - an obviouly demented woman whose _numero_ consisted of dancing with a coathanger. Unfortunately, in a failing to the Lynchian tradition that this spectacle was obviously an homage to, the one-eyed dwarf never made his appearance - but then we didn’t stay to the end, so maybe he did…

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