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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Meeting Uncle Peter


It was great fun meeting him again, and he hadn’t changed at all from how I remembered him - he kindly came to pick me up from the bus station, and after a quick stop at the local primary school for his girlfriend to vote on the gun law referendum (on whether or not to continue allowing guns to be sold in Brazil - the final outcome was to continue selling them, although this has been interpreted as a vote against the government more than anything else), we headed over to an airfield to see an airshow. The airshow never happened, but we did get to see lots of planes, talk to an apprentice pilot and see Peter’s new plot of land, located nearby. The next day I walked around Porto Alegre, and got to see the Gazometro, a converted energy plant now serving as an art gallery space - I was sure I had been there before, but couldn’t remember how or when - after a while I remembered that we had spent an afternoon there with my family the last time we visited Peter, over seven years ago…

On my last night in Porto Alegre, Peter invited my cousins Patricia, Marilia (and her boyfriend Fernando) and Pepe over to dinner - I hadn’t seen them in as much time as my uncle, and fortunately my Spanish was a bit better this time than last, so we did actually manage to communicate a little this time. It was great catching up, and seeing how everyone had changed - especially Pepe, who was 10 last time I had seen him…


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