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Saturday, October 29, 2005

London stopover

I spent 1.5 days in London, stopping over to pick Ross up on my way to China :) - in that time I had an unfeasible amount of things to do. I did manage to meet up with Onyee the day I arrived for a quick coffee, and it was great to catch up and hear the good news about her band Sunny Day Sets Fire (I’m their #1 fan, or at least #2 after Daniele). By the time I left her I was positively buzzing from the endorphin, adrenalin and coffee - I’d had almost no sleep on the plane, and had a couple of moments during the day where I must have nodded off without realising it and woken up to find, for instance, that someone had put breakfast on my tray (on the Milan-London flight).

My Dad popped over from Paris on his way to Newcastle the next day - we had lunch together, and it was also fantastic to catch up with him, I was pretty glad he found the time to stop over. By the time I had bought a couple of travel extras, and a couple of dinners with Ross later, and it was time to go again - and so off to Hong Kong…

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