Nick Curry
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FEST 2001 in Sieti
A series of black and white images of the Italian group at the Festival of European Student Theatre (FEST) 2001, which I was invited to document.
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Interactive Multimedia
FEST Website and CDROM
The brief for this project was to build both a CDROM and a website for FEST, the Festival of Europen Student Theatre, a week-long international, inter-university event, drawing representatives of university theatre groups from across Europe.
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The electronic encyclopaedia: current and proposed methodologies for information retrieval
In this paper, we consider the electronic encyclopaedia, and information retrieval methods that could be applied to it. We briefly review and assess current search techniques, determine their limitations and propose some solutions to palliating them. Consideration is given to both the technical aspect of marking up the data, and potential methods of semantically linking information, taking the specific nature of encyclopaedic data into account. A set of solutions is suggested, creating a basis from which to envisage a semantically linked electronic encyclopaedia. This paper was written for the MAIMM as a memoire.
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