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The electronic encyclopaedia: current and proposed methodologies for information retrieval
In this paper, we consider the electronic encyclopaedia, and information retrieval methods that could be applied to it. We briefly review and assess current search techniques, determine their limitations and propose some solutions to palliating them. Consideration is given to both the technical aspect of marking up the data, and potential methods of semantically linking information, taking the specific nature of encyclopaedic data into account. A set of solutions is suggested, creating a basis from which to envisage a semantically linked electronic encyclopaedia. This paper was written for the MAIMM as a memoire.
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This essay, written for the MAIMM, compares two sites offering encyclopedic content over the internet. The essay concerns itself not only with the successes and failures of each site relative to their own aims and to each others', but also broaches the issues of encyclopedic content on the web in general, the extent to which the medium has been taken advantage of, and further methods of exploring its potential.
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Photography as Evidence
A discussion of the role of photography as evidence, both literally and in terms of the way images in general are perceived.
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Blade Runner
Looking at the issues of representation of the individual within society in Film, using the film Blade Runner as an example. This essay also explores both the direct and indirect ways in which this has been done, and thus asserts the postmodern nature of the film.
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Buddhism in America
An overview of the history of Buddhism in America. This was written as a dissertation for the BA in History, and as such remains mostly concerned with historical issues, although attempts are made to consider the difficulties of marrying Eastern and Wesstern philosophies.
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