Andy Warhol @ Tate Modern

The aim of this project was to build a linear web-based product, focusing on a particular painting on show at the Tate Modern, and making a given target audience want to see that painting at the Tate.

We chose to work on a picture by Andy Warhol titled "Do-it-yourself (landscape)", thereby predating the Warhol retrospective which to take place at the Tate six months later, as the picture we chose wasn't actually at the Tate at the time. This is relatively unknown picture by he artist, which we chose as we realised that whilst many people knew of the artist, very few people were acquainted with his body of work beyond a few main pictures, and as a result few people probably understood the motivations of Warhol as an artist.

Our approach was thus to make the user rediscover Warhol, by presenting him with a side of the artist and his works he might not be familiar with, and thus encouraging him/her to question any stereotype of Warhol's work which he might have. The objective was to suggest to the user that there may be more to Warhol than the image most people are familiar with, and to hint at some of the concepts and factors which drove his work.

As we were limited to using Photoshop and HTML for this project, the piece is a six-page slideshow showcasing either stereotypes or concepts concerning the artists. The design was kept as plain as possible to maintin focus on the content of the piece as opposed to its appearance, in keeping with the target audience preference as indicated by our research. A Javascript mouseover action was used to create a sense of "given" and "new", whereby the given is the information we present the user with, and which has specific connotations attached to it, and the new is a short text encouraging the user to question the given.

The project duration was 2 weeks; more details about this project can be found on the project website. The finished piece can be viewed here.

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